I Love Mahj Game Card

Welcome to the I Love Mahj game card!

We developed our own card for the following reasons:
  • To provide new-comers to the game the opportunity to play immediately, without needing to wait for their National Mah Jongg League card to be delivered
  • To give experienced players another card option to challenge their grey matter and keep them on their toes!
The card is absolutely FREE to everyone and can be downloaded and/or printed at any time, or viewed within our online game.

  Letter paper
(full page)
Legal paper
(closer to NMJL card size)
Color Version View/Print Download View/Print Download
Black & White Version
(for colorblind players and those
who do not have a color printer)
View/Print Download View/Print Download

Have feedback on our card or an idea for a new hand? Let us know!


We don’t intend to release new versions of the card on any particular schedule, so we haven’t included year hands. Instead, we’ve beefed up the "Math" section. Oh yeah, that’ll definitely get those brain cells revved up!

In addition to printing, the card can also be consulted from within our online game. Just click the card icon (near the gear and help buttons, bottom right of the game screen - visible only when you choose to use the I Love Mahj card).

When it comes to printing, we offer several options: one for letter paper (full page) and one for legal paper (closer to the usual size and shape of the NMJL card). For each option, we have the usual color version and also one in black and white. The black and white version is particularly useful for colorblind players and also those who don’t have access to a color printer. You may even want to have it printed and laminated at a local print shop!