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Best Online Mah Jongg Games

"Practice makes perfect", some say. "PERFECT practice makes perfect", others correct. This is true in all activities and Mah Jongg is no exception

As we discussed in our Complete Guide to American Mahjong Strategy, the key to getting better at the game is:

  1. Study the rules and (for American Mah Jongg) the current card
  2. Practice with others who are also willing to learn or with online bots (at a slow pace)
  3. Once you're confident with 1 and 2 above, start taking part in real (i.e. faster) games

One of the best ways to practice is using an online Mah Jongg game. Most will allow you to play against bots and/or people. In this article, we compare the top online games for American Mah Jongg players.

First, here's a comparison grid of key features. Please scroll down for an analysis of each platform.

Feature I Love Mahj Real Mah Jongg Mahjong Time My Jongg NMJL
Play with bots Training only
Multiple levels of smart bots
Combine bots and human players
Audio call within the game
Video call within the game
Schedule Friends' Games
Create and join Groups
Call players' hands dead
Win/loss statistics
Think time statistics
Rating system
Summary of hands completed
Track in-person game results
Practice tool with hand suggestions
Correct tile naming convention
Multiple color themes
Multiple tile styles
Play with "The Mahjong Line" tiles
Searchable Knowledge Base
How-to videos
Mah Jongg Tutorials
Teacher Directory
Mah Jongg Shop
Free trial or free games
Own Free Mah Jongg Card
Mah Jongg Exercises
Gift Certificates
Tournament Platform
Siamese Mah Jongg®

1 - I Love Mahj

I Love Mahj Review

This is, in our opinion, the best online American Mah Jongg game for beginner to advanced players. Though, of course, we may be just a little biased here! ;)

  • Video call within the game (no phone, Zoom or FaceTime required)
  • Three levels of intelligent bots
  • Play with bots, invite friends to play or a combination of each
  • Form groups with other people you play with regularly
  • Ability to call other players' (or bots') hands dead
  • Detailed game statistics to track your progress:
    • Wins, losses and wall games
    • Average game duration
    • Average thinking time
    • Points gained/lost
    • Rating history
    • Summary of hands completed
  • Practice mode (hand suggestions and discard counter)
  • Exercise Room to hone your skills
  • Feels like a live, in-person game
  • User interface is clean and modern
  • Specializes in American Mah Jongg
  • Multiple tile styles to choose from
  • Multiple color themes
  • 2-week free trial (includes unlimited games and features)
    Then just $6/month or $60/year

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2 - Real Mah Jongg

Real Mah Jongg is a decent game playing platform that offers an easy-to-use interface. Players can choose to play with bots or people, or a combination of the two. However, there are limited configuration options, several important features are lacking and its look and feel is a little garish (though this is obviously down to personal taste). The game makes some decisions for you (such as only offering the tiles it knows you can call), which removes a large chunk of the brainwork required to play Mah Jongg. Some players may like the assistance this offers, while more serious players will generally prefer to make decisions for themselves.

3 - Mahjong Time

A sophisticated 3D user interface that simulates a real, live game. The platform offers many styles of mahjong and is quite configurable (though this can be overwhelming to some). The 3D rendering makes it difficult to see discarded tiles (especially for those with eyesight challenges). Offers games with bots or people, but cannot combine the two. The animations, though impressive, slow the game down considerably. A lot of "extras" are offered at additional cost, which can add up quickly.

4 - My Jongg

My Jongg offers a decent alternative to the previous choices. Play against people or bots or a combination of the two. The user interface is a little crude, but it is very functional and easy to use. The bots are basic and would not provide a challenge to most players. The premium version offers some statistics.

5 - National Mah Jongg League

This is the official online game of the National Mah Jongg League. The user interface is fairly primitive, it offers a minimal feature set and lacks timely support for subscribers. Members also have a reputation for being a little unfriendly, especially to new-comers (who are working to improve their rating on the platform). It does not offer a trial or free games and only has a yearly subscription.